Ali Adnan Mahmoud, Deputy Managing Director of Carlton Real Estate Company, has obtained the accreditation in License A, which is the highest appraisal license approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. After obtaining this accreditation, Ali Adnan can value any property without any restriction.

Carlton Real Estate Company expressed its pride in this achievement, which is added to the balance of the achievements of the new young generation working in the field of appraisal, stressing the importance of training and development in refining the talents and capabilities of young people, especially national cadres.

For his part, Ali Adnan Mahmoud expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Real Estate Regulatory Agency for their efforts in implementing the decision to license real estate appraisers and the training courses provided by them in this aspect, which advances the real estate sector in the local market and makes it able to attract investors from outside Bahrain.

Based on Decision Licensing Appraisers in the Real Estate Sector No. 2 of 2019, all real estate appraisers must be licensed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. In order to be a certified and licensed appraiser, and to comply with high-level international standards in the field of real estate valuation, thus contributing to raising the professional competence of the real estate sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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