Carlton Real Estate Company has opened its fourth branch in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in the Saqia area of the capital. On this occasion, Carlton Real Estate Company held a ceremony in the presence of the company’s founder, Mr. Adnan Hassan Mahmoud, and several the company’s employees.

On the opening, the company’s founder and managing director, Adnan Hassan Mahmoud, confirmed that this opening comes in line with the company’s desire to expand its business inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain. He added that Carlton Real Estate Company, after 26 years of continuous hard work, its expansion in the local market and its recruitment of more citizens working in the field of real estate comes from its keenness to support the real estate market and its stability in Bahrain.

The Carlton Real Estate Company had previously announced the development of its brand identity, which was based on explaining the aspirations of the future through three principles: strong communication, flexibility, and customer happiness. Out of the strength of communication, the company is keen to expand and open new branches for it. The team members of the Carlton Real Estate Company have also achieved many achievements at the international level, including obtaining the highest reliability in Class A real estate valuation.

It is noteworthy that Carlton Real Estate Company is a Bahraini real estate brokerage company, established in 1996, and it is an approved broker with a license from RERA.

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